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You knew he might shed, scratch the floors or dig holes by the begonias. But the last thing you expected from your furry friend was a blizzard of flaky skin.  Doggy dandruff on the divan? Oh, great!


"Pet dandruff looks like a really bad case of people dandruff - you can easily see it with most animals,   While occasionally dandruff can indicate a serious health problem, like allergies, parasites or skin infections, more often it occurs when skin cells naturally proliferate - from, die and flake off - at an accelerated rate. To forgo the flakes, here's is some suggestions,


Take the plunge,  Since dandruff i a sign of flaky skin, giving your pet regular baths will help wash the flakes away before they accumulate.  Bathing your pet once a month in winter and twice a month in summer may clear up the problem for good.  To bathe your pet, use warm, not hot, water.  Use a mild natural eco-friendly shampoo like DERMANATATURAL Pet Naturals Hyperallogenic Shampoo and massage it well into your pet's skin. Then rinse thoroughly and dry your pet well.


Go for more power, Leave the lather in place for about five minutes to give the active ingredients time to work.  a You can also make a trip to the vets and they will be able to subscribe a medicated shampoo if the natural product does not clear up the dandruff.  Don't use medicated shampoos made for humans, because they can be harmful for pets.  It's also a good idea when bying shampoo for your dog, to check the label carefully.  To prevent making dandruff worse, avoid using shampoos that also include an insecticide,  "Most of the flea shampoos are very drying, even those with added moisturizers".


Add oatmeal to the bath,  Colloidal Oatmeal shampoo can also help relieve flaking in pets, it is marvelous for pets with dandruff because it moisturizes dry skin.  Vistit our DERMANATURAL Pet Naturals online shop for our Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Shampoo.


What is colloidal oatmeal?  It is ground oatmeal that suspend in liquid.  Oatmeal comes in sevral forms when used.


Give him a spritz, If you live in a dry climate spraying your pet'scoat with a detangler conditioner will help lubricate the skin and lock in moisture,


Rub in moisturiser,  To get moisture down really deep, you can rub your pet's coat with the same detangler conditioner  and massage it in on his skin with your hands


Give him the brush-off, Grooming your pet regularly helps distribute natural oils evenly over dry skin, which will help keep dandruff down.  "Lots of cases will be resolved after the owner brusjes the pet several times.  Choose a brush that's not too harsh.  "You can tell by rubbing the brush on the back of your hand if it's going to hurt," "Something you could use on your own head is going to be pleasant for the animal"


Check the oil,  "Sometimes we'll see dandruff when animals aren't getting enough fat in their diets,"  Giving your pet fish oil into your pet's foodevery day.  Using the same amount of safflower or corn oil can also help.


Upgrade his diet,  Some generic pet foods do not provide the full range of vitimans and minerals your pet needs to maintain healthy skin.  " I have seen dogs taken of generic dog food and put on a quality, name-brand pet food, and the owners have gotten rid of the dandruff",




If you've tried shampoos, regular brushing and new foods and it still looks like winter on our pet's coat, you're probably going to need professional help.  While dandruff i usually nothing more thatn flaky skin, in some cases it can indicate serious problems like allergies, parasites or skin infections.  Warning signs to watch for, besides the flakes, include scabs, crusting or itching.  "Problems with the skin can be an indication of internal disease." "After a month or so, if there is no improvement, you should take your pet to the vet."  See a vet right away if the symptoms suddenly get worse.