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Look at Vincent’s shiny coat..he does love a bath with DERMANATURAL puppy shampoo and conditioner.
My dog, Rocky and I love these NEW Natural, Eco-friendly Products from DERMANATURAL SA. The products is easy to use and make my dogs coat feel soft and smell amazing.  I prefer to use Natural Eco-Friendly Products its, natural, good for the environment and for my dog and would highly recommend these products to all Pet owners out there.  To order these amazing Natural Eco-Friendly products visit there website 



I highly recommend these products for dogs. The shampoo works very well on my Cocker Spaniel and we use it regularly to maintain an illustrious shine on his coat.
 "A dog product of quality. "
I have written a review on these products before but I feel like I need to do it again.
We had our check up at the vet yesterday and we are so proud of our boy. In the words from the vet:”He is in top form. Great condition.”
After our weekly 5k Parkrun. Mr Man had his DermaNatural bath.  And not only did he smell fantastic he was soft and shiny.  We can not recommend the Shampoo and Conditioner enough.  Proud owners.  Happy Customers.

Eben Etzebeth & Rocky

Marna & Eddie

Denise & Vincent

Andy & Stanley